October 2022. Solo Show at TOBE Gallery

Beyond thrilled about my upcoming solo show with TOBE Gallery, which is now representing my work too! 

Kinga German, curator of the Venice Biennale Hungarian pavilion will open the exhibition as part of FOTÓHÓNAP - Hungarian Month of Photography. 

The exhibition will go together with a week-long series of lectures, talks and workshops at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. 

September 2022. 1+2 residency presentation and jury member

I am absolutely thrilled to be an upcoming artist in residency at the Laboratory of Plants Microbes and Environment Interactions (LIPME) which belongs to the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the largest science agency in Europe, and the INRAE, France’s new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment. In 2023, I’ll be developing my next project Artists A-Z, which takes a non-anthropocentric scientific and philosophical perspective, to acknowledge plants’ intelligence, agency, interiority, and artistic capabilities. 

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be presented at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse as the new established artist taking part in residency while I also acting as a jury member of the panel choosing the 2023 emerging artists supported by the  1+2 residency programme. 

August 2022. Exhibition and talk at Open Art Festival, Spain.

I have been invited by Piedra, Papel, Tijera to take part in PPT Open Art Festival which will take place at the Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras and Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante. Some early tests from the series Studies on my Grandma´s Garden will be on exhibition during the months of September - October. I will also give a talk at the University of Alicante together with artists Miguel Moreno, Lot Amorós and Fran Simó. 

July 2022. Fisheye x Guerlain commission.

 Fisheye Gallery has commissioned me to produce an artwork in relation to the 170 anniversary of the “bee” bottle. The commission will be on exhibition at La Maison Guerlain, 68, avenue des Champs- Elysées,
from the 8th of March to the end of June, and at Art Dubai.

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