July 2020. Residency at Guest Projects. Awesome Without Borders Grant.

This July, I have been taking part in a Digital Residency at Guest Projects funded by The Yinka Shonibare Studio, the Triangle Network and the London Community Response Fund.  As part of the residency, I organised two online talks with artists Farhad Berahman, Lucia Pizzani, Bindi Vora, Cherelle Sappleton and Ngadi Smart, and ran an anthotype printing workshop. 

This month, I have also been awarded the Awesome Without Borders Grant from The Harnisch Foundation to produce a step by step video on chlorophyll printing. More details soon!

June 2020. Eaton Fund and Richard and Siobhán Coward Foundation. Analogue Photography Grant.

I am incredibly pleased to share that this month I have been awarded three grants that will allow me to keep my studio and produce work while the coronavirus prevents me from teaching at museums and universities. 

Teaching in public institutions has been a robust source of income for me for the past 5 years. It has been my ambition for some time to find financial support for the production of my work, which requires very specialised (and expensive) equipment and materials, to be able to dedicate more time to this aspect of my practice. It seems that I have now managed, in this strange context, to find the support I needed,  and I am happy I’ll be able to dedicate the rest of 2020 to the development of my practice in this manner. 

I would like to thank the Richard and Siobhán Coward Foundation, the Eaton Fund and ACAVA for their support of my practice. 

May 2020. BMW Residency Winner

I am beyond thrilled to share that I have been awarded the BMW 2020 residency.  A panel formed by Maryse Bataillard, Manager of Corporate Communications at BMW France, Nathalie Berriat, Director of GOBELINS, François Cheval, Artistic Director of the Residency, Hervé Digne, Collector, Chantal Nedjib, l’image par l’image, Consultant for the BMW Residency, Sam Stourdzé, Director of Rencontres d’Arles and Christophe Wiesner, Artistic Director of the Paris Photo fair has chosen my work unanimously. 

The residency will take place from September to December 2020 and the award includes: 

  • An € 8,000 grant.
  • Access to support from experts (especially in the fields of video, motion design, 3D, VR), and from the residency artistic director, François Cheval.
  • Production of two exhibitions at prestigious venues for the Rencontres d’Arles and Paris
  • Publication of a book included in the BMW Art & Culture collection.
  • A set of exhibited works.
  • An assistant photographer to support me with the production of the work.
  • Provision of a workspace.
  • Use of shooting studios and school’s equipment. 
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