Growing Concerns

In this series I use plants from former British colonies as a canvas to print directly onto them images that relate to the history of migration from the native country of the plant to the UK. For instance, an archive image of the Empire Windrush boat is printed on a banana leaf. 

These photographic prints are made by using the bleaching action of sunlight on the chlorophyll pigments of a plant leaf. They don't have any chemistry or ink.

The work reflects on the links between plant trade, colonialism and migration, and the legacy of these in modern day Britain. It looks back at how trade of coffee, tea, poppy, sugar, cotton, and other plants generated migratory fluxes and it draws a parallel between the historic interest in facilitating movement of goods and capitals and the increasing interest in restricting movement of people.

The title Growing Concerns refers to 21st century challenges, such us the creation of new barriers (the Trump wall, Calais wall, Brexit...) as well as the growing inequality, anger and support for extreme parties.

The work was displayed in a solo show in Photofusion in Brixton, as well as at RAW Labs and Unseen Amsterdam, and has been published at EXTRA magazine (FOMU, Foto Museum) and other media. 

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