The Thamesmead Chapter

These fibre-based silver gelatin prints (traditional black and white photographic paper) have been manually developed with a unique method so the unexposed silver in the paper (the highlights of the image) becomes a silver mirror.

I have developed the prints in this manner to echo my experience living in Thamesmead as a self-reflective introspective journey.The lack of human presence in the images reflects on the isolating character of the brutalist urbanism of this area of London where cafes, cinemas and, more broadly, places to socialise are hard to find.

#22, from the series About The Thamesmead Chapter. Silver Gelatin Fibre-based paper print manually developed. Float mounted in a bespoke, handmade, acid free board. Framed with anti reflective, UV protective glass. Edition of 5.

# 27, from the series About The Thamesmead Chapter. Install test shot during my residency at Penumbra Foundation, NY

These high-contrast landscape and sometimes abstract images of labyrinthic urbanism, approach non-figurative methods of depicting identity as a subject, focusing on my experience as an artist living in Thamesmead (where I was invited to live as part of a wider redevelopment scheme along with 40 artists), while touching on broader issues such as marginalisation, housing and community production. Below, some of the negative images used to produce the prints.

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