June 2019. Belfast Photo Festival exhibition and workshop with Golden Thread Gallery

From the 6th of June until the 30th, my work will be on display with Golden Thread Gallery as part of Belfast Photo Festival.  The exhibition includes works by London Alternative Photography collective artist, and goes with a public programme to which I contributed with a chlorophyll printing workshop.  

The works on exhibition were produced in China in November 2018 thanks to a grant from Quad Derby, FORMAT Festival and the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.  They reflect on my experience as an artist in residency at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, where as a foreigner not speaking Chinese and staying there for just a month, I could only access and understand fractions of the selective realities made available to me. In that context, I built a camera that could only expose 3mm fragments of film. I installed the works in a manner that reflects on the notions of access/barrier and that invites the viewers to visually scan the works as they move left to right, mimicking the way these negatives were exposed.

This series of disrupted landscapes, and sometimes abstract images,  explores the limits of representability of identity within my own art practice. The series approaches non-figurative methods of depicting my (artist in residency) identity as a subject. 

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