My Temporary Settlement

My Temporary Settlement reflects on the impermanent nature of today's life in the UK. While London's ephemeral urbanism is probably one of the few constants of the city, contemporary artists often depend on residency schemes and provisional housing to develop their practices.

In this piece, the artist transforms her living room into a pop-up pinhole camera to document through large scale photographic paper negatives London's ever-changing urban landscape.

Over the past 14 years, Almudena has lived in Spain, Italy, France, Canada and now the UK, and been on residency in several countries including USA, China and Greece. This has led her to develop a sense of belonging anchored to the artistic communities and spaces where she develops her nomadic practice. On this occasion, the flat where the pop-up camera is built belongs to an affordable housing scheme for artists to live in buildings scheduled for demolition.

The resulting pieces represent a unique moment of the area's redevelopment and of the artist's practice at the time. This work has been displayed at The Photographers' Gallery during the HYPERANALOGUE festival, and at Four Corners Gallery in Bethnal Green, and has been acquired by Bow Arts Trust.  

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