Sustainable photography- Anthotype printing online workshop

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Anthotype printing online recorded workshop

This is the recording of a workshop that took place in April 2022 via zoom. 

By buying the recording you'll be able to watch the workshop unlimited times from unlimited devices as a Youtube private video.  Workshop recording has subtitles in English, Spanish, French and Italian. 

This workshop will give you detailed knowledge on anthotype printing (and on other sustainable photographic methods), including the science behind the process, tips and recommendations, info on suppliers,  process steps and troubleshooting techniques, to help you to make great anthotype prints from home. 

Starting with an introduction to a range of sustainable, yet little-known, early (1840s) photographic techniques, this workshop thoroughly explains sustainable photographic processes' history, science and practice. 

Get to play with photography in an unusual and environmentally friendly manner and produce beautiful image-objects for your home and friends.


The workshop is structured in a 2h +1h structure. The first 2h cover the historic, scientific and also a hands-on demonstration. The last hour is open for questions and to leave time to learn from each other's perspectives, experiences and ideas. Meeting a community of people practising these processes in your area might help you to find local supplies of plants, troubleshoot, etc. 

You will also be given a workshop handout, and a list of resources to help you to have a great learning experience. 

Course outline: 

1. Sustainable photographic techniques: chlorophyll, anthotype, starch dyeing, and other printing methods. Including their history, science, and contemporary artists using them to produce artwork.

2. Timings and aspects of organic processes.

3. The science of anthotype printing.

4. Equipment and materials.

5. Printing on paper transparencies and transparent surfaces.

6. Step by step +top tips.

7. Checking the exposure.

8. The chemistry of the process.

9. Fixing the image, framing and archiving.

10. Expanded possibilities: collage works & altering photosynthesis.

11. Troubleshooting and common mistakes.

12. Suppliers.

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